Top 6 Reasons to own a 4WD

Top 6 Reasons to own a 4WD

Top 6 reasons to pwn a 4wd & the best Moreton bay 4wd spots


The Moreton Bay Motor Show is just around the corner and ready to bring the best vehicles, entertainment and competitions for motor enthusiasts to enjoy! This North Brisbane car show is the place to be for visitors to check out all things automotive. 4WDers will love the Torque Toyota exhibition, who are Australia’s class leading 4WD supplier for Moreton Bay locals.

Torque Toyota brings us the top 6 reasons you need a 4WD to see the best 4WD spots in Moreton Bay.

1. improved access

Unlike regular 2WD cars, 4WD’s can handle beaches and rough tracks, so instead of being stuck on the road you can deflate the tyres and explore.

2. better opportunities to travel

With the whole family on board you can cruise down the beach or drive to a secluded camping spot, knowing the 4WD will get you there. Island, outback or rural regions are often impossible to scope out and see for yourself in a 2WD vehicle.

3. durability

4WD’s allow you to find your own slice of Australian paradise and even see the best natural landscapes in Moreton Bay region- they are designed to take on rough terrain and won’t damage like a regular car.

4. Storage and accessories

Lots of 4WD’s have great storage space for you to pack your camping gear and essentials in. Plenty of drivers have a roof rack or lights fitted to their vehicle and even cool camping gear like batteries, fridges and more! Talk about camping in comfort!

5. better clearance

What does better clearance mean? 4WD’s have at least double and sometimes even triple the clearance of a standard car. That means rocks, dips and holes aren’t a problem and won’t break your ride.

6. 4wding is fun!

From roving down the beach to set up camp for the day to navigating up a muddy slope, or from island dunes to a national park, a 4WD can take you there. Torque Toyota says 4WDing is loved by people all over Australia because it lets them explore everything the country has to offer. Torque Toyota’s range of top 4WD’s include the Landcruiser 70, Landcruiser 200 and Prado. They also have Australia’s number one selling vehicle in 2016, the Hilux.

Where can you go in a 4wd?

4WDrivers must do their research and have a plan- make sure it’s not private property or fenced off and check local regulations. As long as you are safe, prepared and use common sense you can access many beautiful 4WD tracks.

tips for 4wding

  • When driving on beaches only travel at low tide
  • Avoid driving two hours either side of high tide
  • Creeks flowing out to beaches should be crossed with caution and slowly
  • Have a permit if the area requires it
  • Wear seatbelts at all times
  • Avoid driving at night
  • Keep left of oncoming vehicles at all times
  • Pass on the left and always indicate, show etiquette and give a wave to other drivers
  • Have water, safety and first aid supplies on hand always
  • Get familiar with Safe 4WDing and do your research

top 3 moreton bay 4wd spots

1. north sandy creek road: a panoramic near brisbane escape

Enjoy the drive north into Bellthrope National Park via a steep incline onto the mountain ridge and a beautiful scenic drive through the forest. Suited to more serious off road vehicles and experienced 4WDers.

2. bellthorpe range road off kilcoy: eastern access to bellthorpe national park

Whether you want to take the scenic route home from a trip or simply make a day of it, this drive takes you through eucalypt and breathtaking rainforests.

3. moreton island

White sand, turquoise ocean water and awesome camping spots make this local island a 4WDers dream! Simply drive on to the ferry that’s 20 minutes from Brisbane. Moreton Island is 4WD only so bring safety and vehicle supplies like a shovel and tyre compressor.

Speak to the team at Torque Toyota about your 4WD needs at the Moreton Bay Motor Show.

Want to get off the beaten track?

Check out Torque Toyota’s range of top 4WD vehicles now Torque Toyota offers a full range of quality new and used cars for all purposes. From small cars to motor around town to gutsy 4WDs to explore exciting outback spaces, Torque Toyota will help you find the right vehicle to suit your needs.


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